Who's that shadowy figure skulking around? Watch the trailer for the family feature Project Pay Day, to find out!


Scenes from a political thriller

Leo Koorhan in scenes from Project Pay Day  (feature)

Leo Koorhan, on a mission in Following Chase (clip)

Give Me a Sign (award-winning short)

👉 Watch it now. Guaranteed smile.

Leo Koorhan as the uptight, nervous roommate in Buds (web series pilot)





Leo Koorhan Actor

Leo Koorhan received his BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He studied Practical Aesthetics at the Atlantic Acting School in New York, performed Shakespeare through the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and received a Recommended Pass from the Society of American Fight Directors in Broadsword, Rapier/Dagger and Unarmed Combat.

Leo has played Quentin in Arthur Miller's After the Fall, and has been in many independent, award-winning shorts, including a lead in the web series Buds. With a voice described as “vocal chocolate” and a zen-like, yet youthful attitude, Leo can often be found writing science fiction, most likely with an early century film running silently in the background.

Feel free to give him call when you need a hug, or a book recommendation.


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